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"All In" Initiative

As we move into the 3rd Sunday of 2022, Faith Fellowship has begun its 2-year Initiative to go "ALL IN" to make a difference in the lives of those around us. We want to invite you to join us. If you're not currently attending a church and want to be a part of something new, come check us out this Sunday @ 10:30AM...

“ALL In” 2022-23 Goals:

· For the next 2 Years we are going to keep on resourcing all the things you already

love about our church, which include the family atmosphere, a multi-generational

ministry, growing in faith and more.

· Seeing 25 new believers baptized.

· Invest in the NEXT GENERATION by providing more resources and volunteers

than ever before.

· We will look for ways to care for the hurting in our community.

· Sponsor those without parents through compassion international.

· Break the 150 barrier on in-person attendance

· We want to see everyone serving in a ministry and in a life group.

· Fund campus improvements and upgrades.

· Bring on a Spanish speaking church to partner with us.

· Sponsor a new church plant.

· Provide more local mission opportunities through small groups.

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