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Experiencing God

Have you ever wrestled with the question, “God, what is your will for my life?” Have you struggled to know what God wants you to do – with your career, with a relationship, with what to do next? What if I were to tell you that God wants you to know His will? That He’s not trying to hide it from you? In this new series, we will explore how God invites ordinary people to experience Him in extraordinary ways, and in doing so discover how to know and do God’s will so we can live the life He created for us. Our new teaching series kicks off Sunday, February 9th. We hope you will join us...

  1. 2/9 - Part 1: How to Know and Do the Will of God

  2. 2/16 - Part 2: Discovering Where God is at Work Around Me

  3. 2/23 - Part 3: Deepening My Relationship With God

  4. 3/1 - Part 4: Accepting God’s Invitation

  5. 3/8 - Part 5: Listening When God Speaks

  6. 3/15 - Part 6: Navigating My Crisis of Belief

  7. 3/22 - Part 7: Adjusting My Life to God’s Will

  8. 3/29 - Part 8: Experiencing God in My Daily Life

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