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Famous Lost Words

On Sunday May 16th we are beginning one of the most important series we have ever done here at Faith Fellowship called “Famous Lost Words”. In our world today it seems rare to hear words like faithfulness, perseverance, purity, truth, honor and commitment. In fact, words like that seem lost among us. Well during this series we want to take some time to rediscover what it takes to be more trustworthy, to keep moving forward no matter what comes our way, how to be different from everyone else, to chase after what is right, to be people who are honorable and true to their word. You won’t want to miss a single week of this exciting new series!

Famous Lost Words: taken from the seven churches in Revelation chapters 1-3… Week 1 – Introduction: When God Speaks Week 2 – Faithfulness (The Church at Ephesus) Week 3 – Perseverance (The Church at Smyrna) Week 4 – Purity (The Church at Pergamum) Week 5 – Truth (The Church at Thyatira) Week 6 – Honor (The Churches at Philadelphia and Sardis) Week 7 – Commitment (The Church at Laodicea)

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